Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Customs Requirements - Marked Gas Oil

This oil is marked gas oil delivered on rebate of duty and must not be used for combustion in the engine of a motor vehicle or kept in the fuel tank of such vehicle. Any person so using them renders himself liable to proceedings for penalties. Customs

Requirements - Petrol and Autodiesel

The Customs/Excise Duty chargeable on hydrocarbon oil has been paid on the oil specified in this invoice and no rebate of such duty has been allowed thereon.

Customs Requirements - Other Products

The marked products specified in this invoice have been delivered on rebate of Customs/Excise Duty and must not be used for combustion as fuel in motor vehicle or kept in a fuel tank of such a vehicle. Any person so using them renders himself liable to proceedings for penalties.


Delivery will normally take place within one to two working days of receiving an order but during busy times and in poor weather conditions it may take longer. R.w.sloane fuels will make every effort to make a prompt delivery but cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.

The Consumer shall be responsible for the dipping of his tanks and shall confirm to the driver that there is room for the load Prices on the website are for deliveries within a radius of 15 miles from tandragee if you are outside this radius a extra charge may be applied to your order. You can check if we delivery to your address anytime on 077 5213 1030.

Oil prices online have been given a discount for placing the order through our website . The Buyer shall maintain storage tanks and associated equipment of every kind in such manner that such tanks and equipment do not become the cause of environmental pollution of any kind by reason of such tanks or equipment leaking or spilling in any way. In the event that such environmental pollution is caused by leakage or spillage from the Buyers tanks or equipment the Buyer shall be responsible for cleanup to the standard required by the relevant statutory authority. The Buyer hereby indemnifies the Seller against any costs, fines, or expenses of any kind incurred by or upon the Seller as a result of the failure of the buyers tanks or equipment. The Seller will ensure that the delivery truck and associated equipment is properly maintained so as not to cause environmental pollution through spillage. Where spillage occurs during delivery, the responsibility for cleanup will be dealt with as set out in the Sellers environment policy.